The Land Of Tomorrow

Welcome to The land of Tomorrow

The Land of Tomorrow will be a world built for the new web3 Metaverse utilising the Ethereum blockchain for proof of ownership, high quality models for Avatars/Surroundings, and the Unreal Engine 5 as the driving force behind the platform. 

We aim to provide the Heroes of Tomorrow and all subsequent collections access to the ever expanding web3 experience by both allowing them to use their NFT as their login access to both sides of the Land of Tomorrow and having their NFT as their 3D avatar. This will allow other eligible collections with 3D models to access our world and in turn to theirs.

What is our Vision?

The Land of Tomorrow project aims to integrate community to our gaming and metaverse journey. Throughout the course of many phases post mint, the community will be determining the story line for the game as time goes on by completing tasks and participating in events. Meanwhile there will be events in the social area for all other compatible NFT avatars.

What are we creating?

For the LoT, we plan to have 2 sides that owners of the HoT NFT can access. One side will be a game specifically built for the Heroes and further collections to use their powers and fight for tomorrow. The other will be a social frontend that anyone with a compatible NFT can use for a wide variety of things in the VR world, including the ability to move around the metaverse between other worlds.

There will be 4 collections in total for the Land of Tomorrow which will be revealed as the project continues to progress and grow over time. Our first collection will be the Heroes of Tomorrow and will be available in 2022.

The Heroes of Tomorrow will be our first NFT collection released along with being our genesis pieces. The HoT NFTs will get the most up to date access and beta testing to the Land of Tomorrow. When minting a Hero, you are minting a membership pass to all future events for this project both on and offline.

Each of the NFT’s in the collections will be made into 3D models that the player will own and use. Each NFT will have a list of traits in metadata used to create the first iteration of the 3D model that can be used for printing or animation use in the first stages post mint. These same models will later be used as your very own avatar in the LoT as well as other metaverse’ that we collaborate with to bring a truly immersive web3 experience. This will allow you to use your NFT as your online presence, truly bringing your Hero to life, giving you the power to travel anywhere.

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